About Us

MEGA TRENDING INFORMATION DISPLAY CHANNEL MAHATIDC is a media house of repute and has been following its mission to create a higher degree of sensitization amongst the masses, ever since its conception. Every single day MAHATIDC News witnesses astounding footfall and traffic as zillions of young American readers connect. Its aim is to carefully weave a convincing matrix of dynamic and diverse information hubs with detailed accounts of significant events affecting masses across America. The approach of news selection, reporting, presentation, and delivery is unique with the personal appeal being a significant factor. This further creates long-lasting bonds with the readers and improving their loyalty.


MAHATIDC News takes great pride in its wide network of reporters comprising also of local citizens and members who diligently and voluntarily collect information about local events and report to our specialized coordinators who in turn inform the staff reporters for further clarification before the news gets live. With over 15 bureaus operating at the international level and 12 more functioning as local information hubs, MAHATIDC News is a mecca of abounding events to keep the wheels rolling at MAHATIDC News. Over 2 million users are currently active and access MAHATIDC News on the go with a specialized app that ensures seamless, hassle-free access from anywhere.